About Us

I made soap as a hobby during my time living a self sufficient lifestyle in France.

Having sold them on French markets they proved so popular that on our return to the Uk I decided to take it further.

I enjoyed making all our house hold soaps, sprays, hand lotions, liquid soaps, face creams, shampoo,  room fresheners, washing soda, flea repellents for our dogs, fly sprays for our horses, pigs, sheep, rabbits and hens.

I never used chemicals on my garden nor gave chemicals to any of my animals, I treated them all with natural products and learnt a lot on this journey.

Having a small holding gave me the opportunity to try out all my ranges of products as obtaining most of the above proved difficult and very expensive in France. The flower petals came from my organic garden and honey from our hives gave a good feeling when making all our own products knowing where it came from.

Now I pass this knowledge I have gained onto you by means of offering for sale most of the ranges I have always used in my home.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.